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The Kelly Quartz  of High Temperature Recirculating Quartz Bath is the result of almost 10+ years of evolutionary bath design and a passion for establishing the quality standard in quartz baths. We define quality by the degree of safety, reliability, and cost of ownership integrated into every aspect of our quartz bath products.

Quartz Bath Features and Benefits:
Nested 5 sided heating element 360o serrated overflow weir 
Dual safety snap switch 
Seamless, sloped flange design 
Fast, more even heating 
Facilitates laminar flow while minimizing particulate contamination 
Minimizes damages resulting from runaway temperatures 
Improves up time and reliability due to longer vessel life

Quartz Bath System Specifications:

Quartz Bath for 1-8” carrier
Applications: Etching, Stripping, Cleaning 
Chemical usage: H2SO4, H2O2, SC1, etc. 
Operating temperature range: 30 o – 180 oC 
Process temperature control: ± 1 oC (depends on controller and process) 
Heat-up rate: 2 o C per minute (rate affected by size of system, fluid, etc.) 
Circulating fluid inlet / outlet: 3/4” Male Flaretek

Quartz Bath Options:
Liquid Level Sensor 
Quartz diffuser plate 
Process temperature controller 
Custom vessel sizes 
Water Ring Seal (WRS) -30 month warranty, 360 degree Labyrinth seal, Contact us for specific bath price

Quartz Bath Facility Requirements:
Electrical: 208VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 1Ø (current requirements depends on bath size)

Quartz Bath Construction Materials:
Process Vessel: Semiconductor grade, flame-polished, quartz 
Housing: UL-94 VO rated FRPP 
Process thermocouple: Teflon encapsulated J-type 
Insulation: High density alumina silica fiber rated to 1260 o C

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